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Asset & Fund Management

Blueunion Group are proud to introduce “Blueunion Investment Program”, three years awarded as the best Islamic Investment Program (2013 – 2014 – 2017), Blueunion are managed to successfully integrate experience with risk management plus adding transparency above everything to handle investors the key of access through foreign exchange market FOREX.
Blueunion Investment Program is for everyone who are looking for passive income towards financial freedom. Investors will experience hassle-free investment without overhead management, trading nor analyzing market charts are required by investors, thus our trading strategy “QuadWave” analyze the market to help our asset and fund managers to trade the market in a fully regulated augmented environment with integrity, credibility and reliability.
Blueunion Investment Program achieved average returns for investors exceeding the 76% per annum. Independent third party systems are used to calculate account performance and provide instant account reporting, those systems are a vital to provide transparency.
All fees are calculated using a high watermark approach to calculate performance fees based only on net new rises in asset value, in case a decline occurs, it must be recouped before new performance fees are paid. This ensures that investors only pay a performance fee if the account value exceeds its previous high.

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Blueunion may trade in leveraged investments which can result in losses that exceed initial deposits. Trading in leveraged investments may not be suitable for all investors as they involve a high degree of risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Tax rules are subject to change and vary according to individual circumstances. Independent advice should be sought if necessary.

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